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Limo Taxi Call Center is a global enterprise solutions company, providing customers with integrated Business solutions to improve their business performance.

Limo Taxi Call Center is the next generation Business Outsourcing provider catering to the clients that are not only looking for cost reductions, but also substantial gains quality and productivity.

Limo Taxi Call Center has a highly skilled execution team with extensive experience in Business Process Transformation, relationship management and in-depth domain knowledge in the relevant fields.

Realizing that businesses face significant challenges and need reliable solutions to manage diverse tasks in different processes, we assist our customers in not just gauging their exact requirements, but also in recommending and implementing complete, robust and reliable solutions.

Call Center-based Order Placement

Limo Taxi Call Center facility offers a range of outsourcing services including online and telephonic order placement, now a value-added service offered by renowned customer friendly businesses. Ideal features of such a facility are a low ring - short hold time and a reduced abandonment rate, where orders could be placed easil

Limo Taxi Call Center - Facilitating Lead Generation


Lead generation experts at LIMO TAXI CALL CENTER possess the capabilities to penetrate, get decision makers on the phone, generate interest and inquire what is needed. This helps organizations save a lot of time, manpower and costs on the forthcoming business..